The Sleeptember Campaign

Benefiting: Support Sleep Health
Hosted by:Support Sleep Health
Goal: $50,000
$559 4

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Your donations help fund new research on sleep loss and its connection to cancer, mental health, heart disease and children's health.

Sleep, nutrition and exercise are the basic building blocks of health and well-being and each is essential to how we live, think, function and combat health issues and diseases. Our motto is “You are not healthy if your sleep is not healthy.

Sleeptember is a campaign that uses the power of social media to bring together people facing health challenges, their family and friends, patient advocates, health professionals, and those who care about health and well-being in general to form a powerful community to provide support and comfort to one another and raise funds for medical research and advocacy programs that will improve all of our lives.

It’s time for us to stop waiting for others to find answers for us. We want to control our own destiny, raise funds for research and have a say in what gets funded. 

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